Visual Ronin [ vizh-oo-uh-l roh-nin ] Noun

1.  A lordless samurai, who wanders the land serving visual justice.

I Do

  • Outsource work for businesses in art, design & web related industries only.
  • Visual identity and well-crafted design for print and web. No frills, no gimmicks.
  • Responsive, device-agnostic sites that fit like a tailored suit.
  • Ad-hoc web development, no webmaster duties.
  • Visual development for mobile & web apps.
  • Problem solving and purpose-driven design, no monkey-work.

I Am

  • A sword for hire, working remotely to supplement your creative team.
  • A dark horse in design & development with 15 years experience.
  • Fluent in HTML and CSS, able to code as well as I design.
  • Well versed in WordPress, e-commerce or learn your CMS.
  • Only working with art directors, product & project managers. Additional fee to have me project manage or represent your business.

I want to work with heroes who let me do what I do best.

Fit the bill? We could work well together. Contact [email protected]
Web examples and extended portfolio available on request.